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re using him now.

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Dołączył: 24 Wrz 2010
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PostWysłany: Pon 2:14, 25 Paź 2010    Temat postu: re using him now.

This is sickening. Conservative talk really can appear immature from time to time. Maybe the big hosts have personal friendship with Juan, and appreciate him as a person, but even that would be based on the fact that he is such a weak liberal that he poses no threat. He isn’t intelligent or informed enough to represent any serious argument for anything. By weak liberal we mean just that. He is a weak representative for liberal views. He can’t debate, or even state his own position very forcefully.
Of course, he’s lapping it up. This is the greatest moment in his career.
They want to lavish defense and affection on the meek, mild, and worthless liberal, Juan Williams, because they like to use him, just like they’re using him now.
So, let conservative talk shows carry on. They’ll milk the Juan Williams story for everything they can. It makes them feel so very righteous to defend a weak, liberal Negro, their friend, from those mean, prejudiced liberals. Why, this is a feast for the great whites. This is a rare moment. It is transcendent righteousness. Glorious. Triumphant.
The difference between the liberal and the conservative is that the liberals accuse conservatives of being racist, while practicing ravenous racism themselves (–called “entitlement”), and the conservatives simply cry out that they’re not prejudice. It is important to conservatives not to be prejudice. In fact, it is more important than accusing the liberals of being racist–which takes no effort at all. For the politically conservative, not being racist is righteousness.
And disappointing. It shows what conservative entertainment is all about. Opportunity. The great whites are truly talented, yes, and truly strong, intelligent people. No question. And they are deeply moral. But their reaction to Juan Williams, as a friend, colleague in the business, or whatever other reason they feel they own him, is just too obvious. I would call it a faux pas right here just before the elections. But, they call it a mistake on the part of the liberals!
But Juan Williams is a silly subject to have to deal with from any angle. The fact that he was fired by NPR for a contextual statement about Muslims (’they scare me on the airplane’) is completely insignificant. So let him ingratiate himself to the American public. Let him retreat to Americanism. That’s where a lot of minority liberals go when they have no place else to go. They try to identify with some visceral, emotional sense of patriotism–especially when the principle representative of their race is fallen into much deserved ill repute and the inexorable image of traitorous manipulation.
That’s right. They’re all racist, just like anyone else is. The ploy of claiming not to be, and bending over backwards to demonstrate that they aren’t, is fast wearing out. It is less and less convincing. While we can appreciate the efforts of the great whites who pretend not to have prejudice of any kind, while we may even laud their noble efforts to demonstrate otherwise, the fact is, if they were not prejudice, they would not be human. In fact they have a right to be prejudice,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], to defend themselves and their people, just like all the minorities do (–a special privilege given them by whites, of course).
He is postively the most dim, dull, and predictable of all professional talkers. He has no ability to think, but only to fumble out mechanical responses that any 7th grader could say.
But professional conservative talkers love him. Why? He’s easy. He’s no threat. He requires no intellectual energy to talk with. They all like to set him up as a liberal, but he is so very slow that conservatives get bury him alive, but still get credit for “tolerance” of a minority liberal, and get by with their own latent racism to boot.
But, it won’t last long. He’ll can’t afford to lose his status as a liberal. Otherwise, he would be totally insignificant, have nothing to say, and have absolutely no reason to be on any serious conservative show. He’s just too superficial, predictable, and,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], frankly, boring. He is a very weak liberal, and again, for this reason, a delight for all big macho conservatives to play with.
Who cares about Juan Williams? He is a worthless liberal. The only thing he has going for him is that he’s black–with a Hispanic first hame.
The Bill O’Reilly episode in which Juan Williams made his fateful remarks,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], for which he was fired, and for which he is reacting like a deer in headlights.
But the conservative reaction to Williams is much more revealing about conservatives than Williams. Juan Williams is nothing. He is a toy in their hands, and always has been. But, also, conservatives like Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Laura Ingraham, and Hannity, are all trying now to act like this is a big revelation about National Public Radio (who fired Williams.) This is either gross ignorance or gross pretense. Anyone who knows anything about the business knows that NPR has been a government sponsored Communist media institution from the day it was founded. It was created by socialist Brits, always dominated by liberal Jews, and represents the epitome of “smug.” To act surprised is to insult the public, and to actually denigrate the whole conservative credibility front. This is all to often the price of professional conservative “entertainment.”

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