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Fingerprint pilot study up college students as ea

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Dołączył: 22 Paź 2010
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PostWysłany: Pon 4:29, 25 Paź 2010    Temat postu: Fingerprint pilot study up college students as ea

Punch line
students are fingerprinted

Survey: College students study up trial morning fingerprint clocking you think necessary?
a university to train students in Chengdu, the concept of time, try going to night classes as early as fingerprint clocking

clip book, a few teams in the classroom, rafts, and then the fingers look toward the punch press machine ... ...

this scene, in University of Information Technology School of Hotel Management Ginkgo staged in a classroom two weeks. Students to study up on the back, like a white-collar workers, like every fingerprint clocking twice.
listen to counselors say, this will serve as the content of student assessment. If you do not clock in, will be charged to student conduct points.
the school explained that the implementation of the fingerprint to clock in, is part of the construction style of study to students in the concept of time, to help students develop good study habits.
A classroom of students lined up waiting to punch in a scene

last 7:30, e-commerce and economic information management system (referred to as the electric business lines) sophomore, Ze Peng held on to to the classroom ready to punch on the early-morning study. In order to stagger the clock in the peak of his 10 minutes in advance to the classroom. After his kick down the card, the students continue to arrive, long lines, and other students in front of the fingers and then pressed to kick down the card that blue screen. Fingerprint to clock in, Ze Peng held two weeks have been adapted.
held Ze Peng remember the beginning, the students also trouble a lot of punch joke: It was clearly up for the index finger, but with the middle finger to play cards, can not afford to play cards, so angry and whining \\More students are complaining: \
fingerprint to clock in, the National Day after the two economic systems in the electric business management class test run, involving 74 students. Currently, these 74 students have been getting used to clock. However, the clock on the disputes provisions of self-study is just beginning.
B students dispute the need for students fingerprint clocking up

10 月 14 evening 11:06, netizen \I just saw a big company clock work. After all, called the company, is profit. the school with this high-tech means of values? \people can not bear it too. \10 students interviewed, obviously, dissenting only 3 people. The students worry about collecting the fingerprints will reveal their privacy.
held Ze Peng spoke highly of the school to the new regulations. He believes this way, so that students are more actively into the classroom, but also reduce the workload of instructors, but also better reflect the characteristics of electronic business systems. He said the plant management more scientific, but also a good relationship with a counselor will be able to change the score high on the undesirable phenomenon. Conversation, he is a pilot class members for their own pride.
another classmate Li Hong (a pseudonym) said that initially heard the news of punch card to the fingerprint was very surprised. \
either support or oppose, the students were, without exception, the results of the clock can affect the conduct of points really skeptical.
C practical effect of self-study attendance increased 20%

counselors Cen much effect on the fingerprint clocking feel the most obvious.
he managed the five classes, two classes implement the new rules, three classes or study hall by the old rules before the roll call. In the past, a man ran five classrooms, he always felt that enough time. Now, he just 7:30 to the office early, opening fingerprint punch machine, go to the other three classroom assessment on the line. \The past, students draw on paper \After just a statistic in the computer, each person's attendance at a glance.
in his view, the trial run was in the past two weeks since the effectiveness of the attendance of students going to night classes as early as only 40% to 50%, now increased by 20 percentage points.
□ parties say

school: to help students develop habits

Assistant to the President Xu Hongyu: school period, the school called for the strengthening style of study, requiring hospital Department of self-management but to highlight the Department's features. Commerce Department first proposed electric punch through fingerprint students early night classes. Many independent colleges had no students develop good study habits, school management to bring some problems. Therefore, the school hopes to develop a number of measures to enable students to better habits.
fingerprint clock is not the best way to not say, but certainly the concept of time is to train the students a way. If the Department of Electrical business running well, I do not rule out the possibility of promotion in the school.
experts: a tolerance to the outside world

be the beginning of Sichuan Normal University professor Wu: Sichuan Jincheng Institute of whether the endorsement package proposed requirements, or the school test run fingerprints to clock in, all that the quality of private universities have enough of its students a clear understanding. Students as independent institutions relative to public universities is even worse, in order to improve the competitiveness of graduates, to take these seemingly \Therefore appealed to the independent institutions to support this effort tolerance, allowing students to private colleges set their own evaluation criteria.
lawyers: This school is not illegal

Chengdu lawyer Shen Yong: The School has students collect fingerprints, does involve a privacy issue. But as long as schools do not have these fingerprints for non-legitimate purposes, and the safe custody, the school's approach is legitimate. Otherwise, a violation of the law of liberty and privacy. Huaxi Dushi Bao Qinling press gallery photography intern Chen Xingyi Lu A

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