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the diligent and conscientious

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PostWysłany: Pią 2:32, 05 Lis 2010    Temat postu: the diligent and conscientious

I finished watching the first round of NBA Draft after seeing people use their first-round 49 to make such a choice can not help but deeply inhaled cold lump, my God, they in the end want to do? New season of 49 teams, if the reinforcement of their offensive line, their attack group is too horrible to. Looking at the partition 49, they stand out. I believe, now 49, has long eye division title is not so simple, and now Attack of the 49 groups, including last year's champion has been righting quarterback Alex Smith (Alex Smith), and last season exceptional performance of the tight end Vernon Davis (Vernon Davis), and last year's first round of the super wide receiver Michael Crawford Burtree (Michael Crabtree) and powerful running back Frank Gore (Frank Gore) so that the configuration of luxury is also in the entire league on the number row, and now, after reinforcement of the offensive line will undoubtedly attack group 49 once again raise a grade. The two were rookie teams are selected to be included in the position before the three college players, and its strength has long been doubt. Davis may be cut in the front right side of the new season as play, and You Pati may protect front as the team left to play, You Pati is considered to be the team leader of the next attack group-level characters, the whole future Star game, we will be able to see his shadow many times. The arrival of the two players, the future direction for the team, it is a critical choice.
1. 拉塞尔奥昆 (Russell Okung) 6 first round pick of Seattle Seahawks offensive tackles
4. 罗布格隆克 Jaworski (Rob Gronkowski) second round 10th overall & Aaron Hernandez (Aaron Hernandez) 15 along the fourth round place the New England Patriots tight end

the end of this year's NBA draft has two months, while the teams already begun preparing for work, then have a month of preseason NFL will go to war, in training camp, each team's lineup has looked the horizon, and these can be Rookie marked the location of the main winners are, and what could become the cornerstone of the team what the most important, I spent one week of time, the full draft of this session of the General Assembly information on the players and university performance, carefully selected the five groups most likely to attack a human player, the player may be the next Pro Bowl All-Star regulars, in time, the Hall of Fame may also have their place.
5. King Edward (Ed Wang) the fifth round No. 9 overall team offensive tackles Buffalo Bill

this summer, Sea Eagles legend Tackle, 06 help the Seahawks reached the Super Bowl in the biggest player Walter Jones (Walter Jones) officially announced his retirement marks the end of an era, have to say, Okun is the greatest NFL offensive tackles is one of the He's 13 years in the Seahawks, the diligent and conscientious, be regarded as a model of alliance. Coincidentally, Walter Jones, was also in the first round of the 1997 6th overall by the Seahawks selected, 13 years after the 2010 NBA Draft, the Seahawks once again get in the pick of the NCAA the best offensive tackles, 拉塞尔奥昆.
3. Anthony Davis (Anthony Davis) 11 first round pick offensive Tackle & 麦克尤帕提 (Mike Iupati) the first round 17th overall attack care Feng San Francisco 49ers

2. Ryan Matthews (Ryan Matthews) 12 first-round pick San Diego Lightning running back
Okun's coming, and it looked to make up for the team after the departure of Jones, cut front left vacant position, and Jones, 13-year career, nine-time All-Star Game, Okun looked completely possible to replicate the legendary, now the Seahawks offensive line, is undergoing a transformation of the labor pains, 06 piece invincible offensive line already exist, and super running back Alexander has long been retired, the rest of the former Star wide receiver Matt Hasselbeck has looked Get the lead out. Okun's arrival, in addition to leading the entire offensive line, the more will probably be set to guide the future as the role of attack. By Okun in the University of unparalleled performance, we enter the NFL after a future superstar, or even to help the team into the Super Bowl again, it is not nonsense.

Matthews, the General Assembly this year's draft, the most popular running Feng, one of Matthews by lightning at such a high overall pick is a matter of course, the arrival of Matthews, can be said that the former can make up a super running back Ladainian Tomlinson of the vacancy, and Matthews Excellent physical condition is thought to be the next Tomlinson. While it mainly revolves around Lightning quarterback Philip Rivers (Philip Rivers) the passing attack to start from the beginning of the season, running the array is no longer dependent on the team's offensive tactics, and Matthews the arrival of the team can re-consider whether to run again in the future adjustment of transmission ratio. Last season, the ball lightning team league the strongest group in addition to the tight end Anthony Aogai Ci (Antonio Gates) still played well, but wide receivers Vincent Jackson (Vincent Jackson) has played most of his career good performance, he is no longer considered just have a basket case, but rather the arrival of Matthews, in addition to the team previously ran around the LT's attack tactics to continue to play, but lightning attacks have become more solid, the entire ball team's offensive line group also looks very strong, the new season, the offensive group of electro-optic worth the wait, I have boldly predicted Matthews of the new season will usher in a more than 1100 yards and 6 touchdowns results.

Gelong Ke Jaworski widely regarded as the best NBA draft this year, the tight end,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], not one, but missed due to injury last season all the college games, draft pick will fall to the second round. The Patriots in the summer, has gone before the transaction is considered to be the biggest failure in recent years, the first round tight end Benjamin Watson (Benjamin Watson) and the Patriots last season but switched to play a little, Chris Baker (Chris Baker), the team at the tight end position, there is no better candidate, but patriots only choice in the NBA Draft to the tight end to reinforce the position vacant, very good, they been Gelong Ke Jaworski, this year the first tight end selected is the first round of the 21 overall by the Cincinnati Bengals selected 杰梅因格雷 Graham (Jermaine Gresham), but I still think , Ge Longke Jaworski absolute 比格雷厄姆 more comprehensive. His arrival on the one hand to a very good offensive line as a supplement, especially the run and pass blocking open array, the other hand, his ability to advance after the ball is quite powerful. But the only worry now is whether he had a serious back injury has completely healed.
Next, I will detail for the reader and introduce the five players, maybe the new season, you can often see them in the highlight of a wonderful performance.

Focus on new season five offensive rookie debut the most promising rookie who you are? 2010 年 07 月 05 日 14:09 NFL official site Views: 0 Comments (0)

do you look forward to the \session of the NBA draft's top five most promising defensive rookie \
out of this consideration, the Patriots 15th in the fourth round pick last season has been super from the University of Florida tight end teams Hernandez. Hernandez's catch is considered to be the strongest conference this draft, but his blocking ability may be the weakest, he can take over to use as the outer half, and his strong connection I believe that in future the ball ability will become the most favorite pass Tom Brady one of the goals of these two options Patriots, I really intended to conceal his delight, of course, the author is also a big fan of the Patriot . Once again, I boldly predicted that the new season, the two together will contribute to the team contributed at least 800 yards and 7 touchdowns.

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