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this interview is over

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PostWysłany: Pią 3:38, 22 Paź 2010    Temat postu: this interview is over

from the chip is concerned, in addition to our R & D Branch, Grand Union outside the core technology of this platform, while also some other platforms. Of course, in this ZTE insist on a dual-brand strategy is, therefore, we also work with chip makers, including the host platform vendors to work together, participate in the tender.
course, ZTE brand building in China, we may also be noted that, in fact, our brand building efforts are further increased. Brand building is not to say we should invite a spokesperson, I think the last is actually the company's long-term strength, the most important products and services you can not be like the majority of consumers are willing to use the products you are willing to be faithful to ZTE ZTE's brand, which is the most important, of course, wine is also deeply afraid of the alley, so we also make the appropriate publicity. Just as today we are also in Sina's online web ZTE cell phone to tell you about, but also to do publicity in this respect, I am also a spokesperson. Of course, I like this image, after all, like star, but the most important thing is to pass all the information ZTE cell phone, so that we build up the confidence of ZTE handsets.

He Shiyou: We have been with China Unicom WCDMA, including smart phones are very important partners, we also participated in projects related to China Unicom Huasheng tender, we also have two short-listed China Unicom Huasheng smart phones including within the relevant product coming soon. This is inside, with China Unicom, ZTE and related partners to expand the market,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], generally, Unicom is currently mainly dominated by Apple phone, WCDMA handsets in China Unicom is the most complete, so we actively cooperate with China Unicom Expand thousands of smart phones, and WCDMA mobile phones work.
mobile phone shipments in the first half we more than 28 million, the mobile communication terminal products are more than 4,000 million the year there is hope in the mobile communication terminal products shipped nearly 90 million of the increase last year, we are 6,000 million, so the whole point of view, to further improve market share. Some reports of third parties also have this data, that we in the market share in fourth or fifth, I would like to thank everyone concerned with this area ZTE phone. As the ZTE brand is concerned, continues to grow around us, we also hope to enhance the global market share, while the most important is to enhance the value of ZTE brand, innovative products like,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], high-end products to further expand ZTE bargaining power, especially in terms of innovative products.

He Shiyou: It should be said before the National Day has made a tender back to the subject of time probably in this month, is expected back in 10 mid-scale, because the bidding process related to the internal ZTE, where convenient said, I hope you pay attention to this area when the time information.

SAN morning news October 12, 2010 China International Exhibition today in Beijing China International Exhibition Centre. He Shiyou, executive vice president of ZTE guest Sina CEO online interview room.

Moderator: Can you give us about the ZTE and China Telecom CDMA mobile phones in terms of cooperation.
He Shiyou: 4,000 million mobile devices shipped in more than 28 million mobile phones, in fact, account for the proportion of our mobile phones is relatively large.

third, and we also show some kind of family integration, as future communications, especially in the last arrived home this paragraph, wireline, wireless convergence and mobile TV, we will, in particular, Internet TV it will also be showing new products.
He Shiyou: In fact, mobile Internet devices, including wireless cats, also like on the card, ZTE is developing fast, our global market share is very high, our global market share of roughly 35% say we should become a major global provider of data cards, data card itself is also kind to the WiFi, Router direction, this direction is also very fast, including wireless cats, Tablet data from the past to find a way gradually the trend toward wireless WiFi, the technology is evolving, but also in direction to higher rates, including the Chinese market on the card, most of the HSDPA or HSUPA, European and American market has the direction to the PA +, PA + can do to 28M, in some regions has been done 42M, dual-carrier approach. For example, in the United States, Japan, Australia and the region, there is some of our latest products, this technology also developed rapidly, which is used as the three major categories of products, ZTE is very important in a class of products.

Moderator: He is always famous for high-level communications industry leaders, Sina science and technology every year, the total requested any guest, any one is fully responsible for the total ZTE handsets and terminal operations, on the other hand the system ZTE the status of equipment and handsets, so we invited every year to what the total. Today,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], we will also some important issues and what the total exchange. First call to us about how the total ZTE in this exhibition which shows the new terminal or technology?
Host (Kang Zhao): netizens Hello everybody! International Telecommunications Exhibition in 2010 entered a second day of the conference, today, our first interview today invited the Executive Director of ZTE, He Shiyou, executive vice president of development in the communications field guest Sina \give users a good question.

Moderator: Thank you very much what the total, thanks to the active participation of the majority of users, this interview is over, thank you!

Moderator: There is a trend, mobile phone firms to tablet PCs, computer manufacturers do mobile phones, announced that ZTE has been done Tablet PC, but if not how renowned.

Moderator: The topic just now, I would like to ask a volume of 40 million is currently the case, cell phone about how much percentage?

The following is the text Record:

Moderator: phone prices are relatively high, accounting for the relatively large proportion of mobile phone, then to increase the turnover ZTE is helpful.
Moderator: Because of the time, the total of any interview coming to an end, and finally tell you what a word always with friends.

Moderator: ZTE Corporation is the industry's growth for all to see, especially this year I see a lot of consulting firm released a report, the fourth discharged ZTE, the global sales of the fourth, the first Five have, how do you view the contents of this year, ZTE's performance, please tell us about the growth of current performance.
He Shiyou: China since last year with China's 3G business development, we are China's three major operating companies and telecom operators, before the two major mobile operators in China, last year the three major mobile operators in all directions during the cooperation. This year our domestic mobile phone sales up 70% over last year, in fact, we are in the Chinese market this year, mobile phone, will be more than 2000 million or so, so, our growth is very fast.

He Shiyou: Thank you all care about ZTE, we will be more for the Chinese market, to provide global best phones, broadband mobile data products and family integration and the like, to provide consumers with more satisfaction, like the product, and strive to enhance the brand in the mobile space in China's influence. We also determined, in the hope ZTE brand into South Korea's Samsung, we hope the Chinese nation, winning glory for the Chinese people in the global development, thank you! I also welcome to use ZTE products to help us jointly develop the Chinese national brand. Thank you!

Moderator: What about when the tender results announced?
He Shiyou: Beijing Telecommunications Exhibition is an annual event, it should be said that the entire communications industry a big party, ZTE will participate in the annual communications exhibition, we will regard the network equipment and mobile terminals to demonstrate our the latest technologies and services. ZTE my company mobile phone, and I mainly talk about the phone aspects of something.
He Shiyou: In the first half of this year, ZTE has released a semi-annual report, as ZTE is a listed company, in the first half of this year, ZTE mobile phones compared to last year rose to nearly 40%, should be said in All mobile terminal manufacturers are also ranked in the rate of growth in the forefront in the world, this mainly due to the European market, North American market and the rapid development of the Chinese market. We are in the \

Moderator: Finally, please tell us about the ZTE mobile Internet devices, such as \
He Shiyou: China Mobile is now carrying out a thousand dollars or so on CMMB mobile TV handset tender TD products, the standard in the 5.006 billion, ZTE is China's mobile phone terminal of strategic partners, our participation models, the products involved in nearly 50% of all mobile phone manufacturers where we are ranked first in number, from low to high range of the layout we have. We are also actively preparing related products to organizations actively involved in the bidding of China Mobile.
He Shiyou: Actually, I just introduced the product of a time to forget to mention, this time we telecommunications exhibition in Beijing, ZTE has been demonstrated in our 7-inch Tablet Tablet PC or Internet device, also known as MID . This product is the mobile phone manufacturers will be up to do from the Smart Phone, a high-end computer. PC manufacturers will do to the phone down, that is, mobile Internet devices. As ZTE, like Lenovo, Dell, vendor development line, on the Tablet PC to understand, grasp of the market, I think consumers are most concerned about business applications. ZTE is also in this respect the characteristics of our business, therefore, the Beijing Communications show that we have the products, but also welcome interest in our products.

He Shiyou, ZTE's vice president of online media guest of President Source: Sina Technology Play Video> Related Topics: 2010 China International Communications Exhibition Topics

Video: He Shiyou, ZTE's vice president of online media guest of President Source: Sina Technology
Moderator: Yesterday I got the news, China Unicom, Huawei has just purchased a 1,000 yuan two mobile phones, is a Washington subsidiary under the terminal, ready to promote these two phones, will at the end of China Unicom WCDMA centralized procurement or promotion, or called underwriting, ZTE has not involved?
He Shiyou: Members Sina friends, very happy to be online with you Sina for further ZTE ZTE mobile phones on the development of communication and, once again thank everyone concerned about the ZTE, ZTE mobile phone concern.
He Shiyou: It should be said that ZTE and China Telecom CDMA mobile phones in cooperation on a very long time, the first half of our market share in China Telecom has been ranked first, EVDO phone, including China Telecom thousands of recently listed on the smart phone, ZTE is also the largest mobile phone provider, we take a 80% market share, so we also actively support the development of China Telecom, EVDO, and the development of smart phones, smart phones can hope to into a vast number of consumers can afford to use, affordable products. We also need the most advanced smart phone products to the Chinese market.
Moderator: The next point we need to focus primarily on the Chinese market. This my first problem is that China Mobile is now under way thousands of smart phones tender, a total of 5 million, would like to ask ZTE readiness to participate in the tender how? About how many models? With which the chip vendors?
He Shiyou: Because we believe that the mobile communication terminal, the mobile phone is a terminal system, the network card or Modem modulation technology, mobile phone is more complex, involving software, firmware, including display technologies, software applications Therefore, we as a mobile terminal into the system, the technical content should be higher.
Moderator: Many cell phone manufacturers are very focused image of the spokesperson of publicity, ZTE has done previously, please have the image of Jet Li, the spokesman, since the domestic market, ZTE's sales are not feeling so great, and no further request spokesperson. In this case, ZTE has sold in the domestic market, a large mobile phone makers, has done what the brand to consider?
as a ZTE handset is concerned, the telecommunications exhibition in Beijing on the main display is a smart phone, especially 4G Android 2.2 version of the latest smartphone, released to the world the first time, ZTE, and we In addition to 2.2 version of the smart phone products, the ZTE mobile wireless Internet access, including wireless broadband, including LTE, PA +, and double-carrier systems HSDPA high-speed Internet technology, also displayed in this ZTE broadband development.

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