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for the license to any person

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PostWysłany: Pią 3:40, 22 Paź 2010    Temat postu: for the license to any person

both in mature markets and in emerging markets, most companies are in the form of a family enterprise began to develop. Despite their very low starting point, but plenty of entrepreneurial vision and energy to the drive, some family business grow into an important force in the local economy.
Interbrand brand strategy consultant Pat Rick? Steyr also said that although the founders and family members of the business stories and motivated to give our employees a strong sense of integration, but at the same time , nepotism has become the biggest challenge of family business, family business from generation to generation like the staff concerned will reach senior posts, the brand's success is not in their hands. Family business family members need to actively manage the career path, reducing the \
Sina's \In contrast, the United States incident Huang anti-authoritarian management by their own family trauma. The States United States is a Hong Kong listed company, in fact, is preferred by design, the difference between common stock to protect the Huang family for control of the company's voting rights. In contrast Bain also know how to protect themselves buried in the shares of multiple protection clause of the contract, to ensure their escape. Managers of domestic family business is not international investment speculators who should learn?
2009 年 8 26,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the electrical board in the United States, resigned Midea He Xiangjian Chairman of the Board and director, former Vice Chairman, President Fang Hongbo successor. This is the United States and the electrical market for the first time in 16 years delivered to the management of professional managers, board members entirely by professional managers as the existing addition to independent director outside the six executive directors, 95% of the professional managers are those trained in the United States, which in Chinese private enterprise listed companies is the first time.
the United States early in 1997 through the restructuring and decentralization of business unit operations, try to restrain him a part of business veteran, set up a professional team of professional managers, and guide enterprises to begin to shareholders, board of directors, management team \One of the most classic ideas are beautiful wife of the boss He Xiangjian was then one of 23 entrepreneurs in 1993, he was discouraging Shihai was just a warehouse manager. He Xiangjian that \the relationship between He Xiangjian that the internal transparent information system and strict system of supervision is necessary, for the license to any person, that person has any power to the specific operation scope, what kind of process, should have the chapter could follow. This will help to prevent excessive concentration of power, but also to prevent abuse of power and decentralization after the out of control.
public enterprises from the family business to the Evolution

5 years ago, lightning Sina shares big check to give Huang the case may be to enlightenment.

but the United States lost the battle for the outcome gave Sheng-Huang Huang, including entrepreneurs, including a lot of inspiration: for example, be prudent to hire professional managers, holding power is not equivalent to control; centralized decentralization what what inferior to superior, which important loyalty ability, which probably will for a long time to become troubled companies \How can we protect the family business enterprise transformation Evergreen, hire professional managers are the ultimate way, what is the Gate of business growth lies in the enterprise founder of the effort of establishment to how the risk can be protected?
In fact, the system can and has been provided to entrepreneurs and professional managers both rational game platform re-established by the charter company, the founder of Huang family can get the gold stock system, with important agenda item to vote veto system, and to Chen as the representative team of professional managers should also be subject to the necessary respect, they should not be a Sampras men's saddle before the horse without the dignity of employees, but should be through the incentive mechanism, based on performance with dignity and honor, or because of low capacity in his career had to accept the low score and low salary.

States United States the \It is said that the hard working hard from the bottom of society out of \inevitably have often been reprimanded.
In fact, even today, many of the world's five hundred companies are family businesses,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but through a modern transformation. Group of the United States may give to the family enterprise Huang are instructive.
have written: Southern Star intern reporter Wang Xiao Gao Zhan Show

started by operating appliances small facade, Huang concluded its successful experience is to \As a strong start, he had never doubted his control of the country the United States, nor the origin of the market to design your own protection clause of the founder.
both wary, but bound to each other through the system, both for the greater good, get rid of prejudices and negotiation of costs and incentives, this is the normal ecology of enterprise in modern society.
Changing Age of the Chinese family business is not only needed the times jungle beast, it is rational, and nature of the king of beasts. CFP for Figure
the pursuit of absolute control may be counterproductive, the United States market, the yellow to facilitate the operation of their own capital to amend the Articles of Association to expand the powers of the Board of Directors United States, the board even with additional 20% of the total share capital of the general mandate This has been authoritarian era in personal Huang capital market for its flash in turn paved the way for maneuvers, and once yellow jail, loss of personal power, additional privileges hand,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], a sword hanging over his head.

real entrepreneurs a civil society requires not only the heroic founder of wilderness gas, more needs to be market makers in the rules and comply. Changing Age of the Chinese family business requires not only the era of the beast the jungle, it is rational, and nature of the king of beasts.

2005 year, Shanda acquired through open market lightning issued ordinary shares of Sina 19.5% stake in Sina start for the defense of shareholder equity share option scheme is generally called \In this scheme, if the grand re-acquisition of Sina and related parties 0.5% or more of the equity, Sina existing shareholders will be entitled to half the company's common stock holdings of Sina, so that the grand objective stake dilution, increased acquisition costs. This equity case to the grand battle in 2006 to sell 17% of Sina shares reluctantly ended the power of the system is evident.

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