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and serious long-term test.

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Dołączył: 24 Wrz 2010
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PostWysłany: Pon 4:58, 03 Sty 2011    Temat postu: and serious long-term test.

CBS (CBS) anchor talk show star of David - Letterman (David Letterman) was recently in the \of this new iPhone, there are some issues \
In fact, iPhone 4 is not the first TV talk show that joke being Apple product. Early as the end of the American comedy TV show \
iPhone 4 mobile phones on sale in June this year since the problem has continued. Apple's mobile phone antenna problems have been competing to become the talk of major news, blog posts from the hot to the mainstream media, to Letterman. There are also three outstanding lawsuits. Bloomberg News has reported recently, including Apple CEO Steve Jobs, including many executives a year ago that the iPhone mobile phone antenna on the existing problems, and even then there are senior engineers and experts reminded them of the antenna.
However, the media talking about a large increase of this phenomenon is also conceivable. Apple's products have been high-profile appearance will become avid consumers of all ages Pioneer object, of course, will also be class-action lawyers, legislators, regulators and some jealous competitors and other ages.
But this time the situation seems to change dramatically. Now Apple is not only heard the talk of television programs critical voices, and at least one senator also criticized the United States. The senator from New York is Charles - Charles Schumer (Charles Schumer), which gave Mr Jobs issued an open letter, asking them to mobile phone antenna on the iPhone issue clear written explanation, and public commitment to free fix these problems.
Clearly, Apple's 10 years as a reliable consumer electronics company's image is undergoing a number of risks, but Apple still has some time to remedy. Apple has said it only held a news conference Friday to discuss issues related to iPhone 4.
Voice of the complaints in the first appears, Apple seems to be too much ignored these statements. In reply to an e-mail buyers, Apple CEO Steve - Steve Jobs is advised consumers to \Apple did not get to the investigation. July 2, Apple says its findings \In fact, iPhone and did not lose the signal, but no signal looks like the same.
, U.S. consumer group magazines, \the region can not receive signals properly. Affected by this news of the day Apple's shares fell $ 5.49, down 2%. This year,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Apple released the iPhone 4 products from this period of time, Apple shares have risen as much as 20%, but in the June 24 launch of Apple's iPhone 4 after the first time, its shares have fallen more than 7%.
Although for now, still no evidence to suggest that, iPhone 4 mobile phone sales have been adversely affected, but in fact, Apple should take this opportunity to make a better performance, such as control of these issues and to consumers to make correct interpretation of existing commitments all the problems, and, if necessary to pay compensation. Here are some current needs to be said and Apple do.
The quality of Apple products, \IPhone's antenna will be placed outside the case (but it will collide with the users hand), Apple may not make such a hasty decision. Apple's iPhone product revenue accounted for about a quarter of its recent 40% of total revenue, Apple will of course change this product carefully studied the impact of industrial design, and serious long-term test.
In these circumstances, it may appear the following two results: one is the test failed to find the problem, and the second may be the decision to change the design of test results without considering the circumstances. Bloomberg reports that the latter may be more realistic, in this case, Apple may be mistaken judgments that users may not find these problems quickly. Entirely possible that Apple considers it imperative that more space is required to provide a bigger battery and better chips, and thus ignore the user's mobile phone antenna signal problems faced. But in any case, since a mistake, Apple should admit its mistakes, it is the first step to do.
The second step to do: Apple should allow consumers to vent their grievances and to respect the fact that consumers there. Some reports have shown that anger consumers,asked network operators have the responsibility, Apple has been deleted comments, if this is the case, then this set is extremely stupid, which can only make Apple look bad to worse.
In fact, Apple should be wrong to change, to create a forum for Apple employees to the affected consumers with direct communication and exchange, and allow consumers the opportunity to know that Apple is listening to their views, so as to avoid these users spread elsewhere in their denunciation of the apple, such as Engadget and Gizmodo and other sites, you know, the user of critical voices here can be quite strong and rude. Also, Apple once did, which also may reduce the voice of criticism of these sites are a growing number of readers keep abreast of the situation. Users have the right to give vent to their phone calls in some circumstances not caused discontent, and do not need to explain why. Reason to say if the vent is to let him enjoy it.
The third step is to do: give every iPhone 4 user (whether they have any voice of criticism) to send coupons, for example, can be used to obtain shock absorbers, but also to buy iPhone, or a discount card sets,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], of course, types of discount card should not be limited to the Apple store, but should involve all the shops. Apple sells for $ 29 color shock absorber (material cost may be worth only 1-2 U.S. dollars) is said to iPhone 4, the antenna can eliminate the problem. If the shock absorber works, then the user hand-held iPhone 4, the hand will not be exposed to the gap between the antenna position. In addition, it should be so that each new buyers choose iPhone 4 shock absorbers of various colors.
If Apple has already sold 2,000,000 iPhone, then the shock absorbers to provide the buyer or the cost of mobile phone sets up to about 100 million-150 million U.S. dollars, most will then double it. However, these funds have to let Apple make some mistakes, but these funds tremendous assets to Apple is just a piece of cake, you know, Apple's cash and short-term investment capital reached 23.1 billion U.S. dollars,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], while its balance sheet In addition there are 185 billion dollars in long-term investment.
Step to do: extend completely satisfied customers return and get refund period. You can extend the original 30 days to 90 days.
Step to do: Do not recall iPhone, the recall of these products will only make the situation worse, and no reason to bring many of its negative impact iPhone brand, once after the formation of these adverse effects is difficult to make. As others observed that,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], iPhone did not like Toyota, even if the brakes are still slow. If you recall, Apple's reputation is at risk, therefore, is to take things Apple as reasonably necessary to the production of measures to eliminate all the problems and the production process in the future continue to output no problem products. In addition, if necessary, so that early buyers should also be used to buy mobile phones in exchange for early iPhone 4 iPhone 4 new manufactured products. In fact, the number of those users are only a small number only. Not rigidly adhere to the relevant financial expenditure and readily accept the financial costs,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], suffered the injury will be smaller.
Step Six things to do: Let the Jobs on the Letterman show. Steve Jobs on stage as long as the release of its extraordinary business and media unmatched star power, and to show viewers the night market showed some sense of humor, kindness and a sense of humility, then, would millions of users Apple Apple attention and forgiveness. Letterman will be treated as usual, on top of star power in its character as argumentative ask the question does not itch, hurt,which may be a investment news., opening a number of self-demeaning jokes,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], or pretend to eat an iPhone. So long as the 2010 crisis are more serious iPhone will only be a people's memories of it.
Text / Sohu IT

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