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emergency contact as a team

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Dołączył: 24 Wrz 2010
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PostWysłany: Wto 4:19, 28 Gru 2010    Temat postu: emergency contact as a team

However, after the incident, the phone that one, and their daughter's voice was a wounded animal, fatigue,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], sensitive, close to collapse. Come back to Shanghai these days, Panpan lost 20 kilos, and he put it up is that we are wrong, wrong, everything in life can not be recovered before passing away.
text / reporter Wang Danyang Qiurui Xian He Tao
\a national media storm.
Panpan said: \
After the incident, that someone started the line of climbers,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], raised questions about equipment and experience, comes down to \
It is understood that in the ranks, 7 had more than 10 outdoor experience,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], 7 had more than one outdoor experience, and a 1 in 2009 with a line through the Huangshan, there is no personal experience of 4 new, but after the physical considerations.
Pan Pan is the network name, and Fudan University School of Law Class of 2006 graduate, is the leader of this team of 18 people, but also a outdoor adventure began in 2007's \He told reporters that all the issues before the passing of life, are insignificant, only mistaken.
in the net with the memorial, people with a virtual red candles, carnations, Laobaigan and glutinous rice balls in the winter Hanyu give this young hero to the expense of warmth. While waiting for his blessing of the Internet and 18 of the same young flesh and blood.
back to the 12th of this month all the night, from 10 students in Fudan University, Fudan alumni 5 and 3, composed of elite outdoor camping outside the team lost in the storm of the Huangshan Scenic Area in distress, and issued calls. Huangshan City, the relevant departments send search and rescue, 18 people out of danger all the security, but the 24-year-old Zhang Ninghai Huangshan police to escort them down the way in Zhuiya killed.
\Many users believe that, Fudan students choose to go wild Huangshan, do not enter the scenic area is mainly due to fare evasion and money.
reporter asked him why?
please everyone a little time
and Pan Pan said in an interview earlier, the outdoor program is Qingliangfeng early start, and later for various considerations, decided to give up Qingliangfeng turn Huangshan.
users of these micro-Bo and then dig out the Fudan campus forum, \students \
which typically is the \President, the two said there is no one to seize power. The parties that the two dialogues is the case, but the original meaning has been misinterpreted. And \
At the same time, the first post of Anhui journalists \Previously, she had been \
netizens are not grateful, however,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], is still filled with all kinds of Replies in personal attacks on the message.
outdoor relief distress incidents are not uncommon at home and abroad, but when all the factors together accidental overlap, but it led to a young man of 18 users of moral condemnation and speculation on the truth of the incident, and ultimately interpreted as an opinion storm. In this storm, whether a student or a Post reporter failed to escape, the two sides of the human flesh search users and malicious personal attacks, together with the truth of their lives together and the focus was disturbed.
strong public opinion in the network at the same time, we should think about, in the Internet age, the spread of a single asymmetric relations, the audience is able to obtain equal opportunity to master the views of both sides, an objective perspective controversy the original it?
I have the phone 110 to the Huangshan Mountain, scenic has alarm, but over there that they did not GPS,developers, accurate positioning can not be based on latitude and longitude ... ... who Huangshan Map Fine Point ... ... the local people can understand that , acute. Thank you! \
This is the User \In this post, a team of about 18 people online Fudan emergency in progress. This is also ignored in the network communication in the rescue.
a rescue
fuse is first triggered event Anhui and Shanghai, microblogging journalists and individual diaries. Their first contact with the team, and in expressing feelings in an interview on \
This is not a \
the ranks of the public high-precision equipment, including 1:50000 contour map, Garmin 60CSx (GPS). 18 people, equipped with sleeping bags, Jackets, Soft Shell, climbing shoes, trekking pole, headlights, flashlights, raincoats and other outdoor supplies. Before departure, in accordance with the outdoor practice to buy a professional outdoor insurance, and the different types of information to the emergency contact.
Figure from the network
\teammates in the case without a guide, through the Wusun Road, completed an be proud of outdoor experience. At the time of the photograph, Pan Pan as you usually see the outdoor elements in life, like a sun, pride, strong young man.
reporter's notes
19 ʱ 47 points, ALICE \
control network media
teammate \Pan Pan as the leader, not only throughout the entire process and take up the entire team in the heaviest bag, hard working, but also in exploring the way in the process of more than 30 minutes to leave their lonely walk to withstand severe hallucinations, illusions Outdoor \
However,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], ASE China Fudan BBS Login outdoor sports pages, the first of \... ... So what's the next day to find a contour map of Huangshan, Huangshan step down model to discuss it. \
in this post, Pan Pan also lists the seven wild Huangshan ordinary line, 2 line and across the East Haixi Hai downhill luxury package, and marked on the strength of each line, experience requirements, and local guide personal contact information. Therefore, blindly outdoor fare evasion is not valid.
Internet Relay
\force, will lead to what consequences? I can not predict. condemnation has been stored so thick here, just let the past be difficult in the past. So, I deleted them. Zhangning Hai's father, said he did not want students to have psychological burden. old of tolerance, I respect. \
no end
However, in reality, Hope and his team just ordinary people, they have to bear in the future life is more from the self-torment.
2006 �� 3 18, in Taiwan with the mountain rescue incident, caught climbing clubs and nine of Taiwan University students were rescued in the morning after the interview with the media waiting for a dispute. Then the media to \'. \
but did not find the wizard explained that their daughter had looked for three wizard, but did not make the trip. In addition, the \
the ranks of others, are doing something close to torture yourself. \ALICE Leche
emergency contact as a team, he said a friend in the post concerned, \\
20 ʱ 19 points, ALICE \p>
20 ʱ 50 minutes, the rescue team members outside the mill \
21, the post master \110, they can know the exact location ... ... \
22, the Mix \
12 �� 13 �� zero, is still online guarding the ALICE \/ p>
Since then, there is no relief on the network in front of the feedback messages. Until at 7:00 on the 13th, \
But this time,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], in a remote rescue donkey does not know that this incident, the police have been involved in the rescue of a sacrifice. They do not know, 18 people team was sent to relatives in Shanghai SMS rescue.
classic mountaineering film \Then to save, Gable returned to the mountains, back self-... ...
next day, National Taiwan University, issued a statement climbing clubs, trying to rescue the students after that depression may be misread, however, both as a dispute rather than a further response to keep a low profile, making it nothing from the controversy. Although a small number of subsequent media reports do follow-up, it still can not eliminate the impact of the original report to the public.
Xu Wei's \Association board member, a reflection Road, in fact,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], there are too many things that will prevent us from yearning for freedom. Such as the hands of more of the care - and when we need people who came to help us.
after the accident, their daughter team of 18 people assumed this external spokesperson. He not only open phones, text messages and phone all are back, answering, will own the account status of all network anyone from friends to see, accept the flesh of his friends were overwhelming criticism.
a \
at a friend's eyes, Pan Pan is a legend. National Day, he and four began with Fudan alumni \
a relatively mature line
12 20 December, 24-year-old Zhang Ninghai the first seven. December 22, the family was reunited in the winter solstice.
\over the \
This is the Pan-Pan message to reporters.

<div class=\<div class=\<a href=\

<div class=\Play Video
12 18, issued a Pan Pan \the expense of the police fund-raising to parents, children regularly visit the old couple to do so.
\it may only mean trouble that can not be down time. \
outdoor sites, \Some people seek outside assistance, even if such assistance out of reach. \

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