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improve MagicInstaller

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Dołączył: 24 Wrz 2010
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PostWysłany: Czw 5:04, 11 Lis 2010    Temat postu: improve MagicInstaller

Thank genuy

carefully selected and optimized allocation of the KDE
using the latest KDE 4.4 desktop, the user desktop experience first-class musical magic linux
sound fresh and bright color theme
removal heavy strigi / akonadi / nepomuk components, so that magic linux faster
particular policy control to add the touch pad, so you no longer worry about inadvertently touching version of the Air
keep the theme wallpaper additional types of desktop themes and components extracted
right menu, fast decompression of any compressed, or even well-rpm installation configuration file
dolphin file manager, so powerful is not in contradiction with the ease of use by
kio_iso, if you open a regular folder, open the iso CD image generally
mp3 tag encoding enhanced detection capability
comparable to the KWin 3D Desktop Compiz
fcitx small practical input method configuration tool and convenient input method replacement of tools used by the user control

introduce some of the major software optimized wine
simulator, the trouble is not garbled, with winetricks practical tools for easy installation to install windows office software support software

full KDE PIM personal information management suite, whether it is e-mail, information source collection, newsgroups, calendar, address book management takes all have solutions
pdf ps tiff chm djvu dvi xps odt fax Comics books and dozens of image formats of various general reader okular, with a bookmark / index / comments feature

professional multimedia software music dj --- amarok, various collections of categories and a variety of automation to You rediscover your music
to see the full film must --- smplayer, automatic memory, subtitle loading, channel control functions to meet your needs, like
K3b to burn the disc has become so easy
KsCD to rip your music CD into mp3 flac
lrcshow-X dynamic display lyrics, full screen, can OSD, can scroll vertically, but also horizontally scroll using TVtime
to watch the TV from the TV card program
XvidCap, to your desktop recorded. Operation is very simple, but very good recording of the utility

handle compressed files with software Ark, schedule reminder KAlarm, the desktop calculator KCalc, special characters, select KCharSelect, the system garbage cleaner sweeper
editor part of a kwrite and kate, with various extensions, identification code. okteta hex editor. used to facilitate the vi gvim
superkaramba lets you choose the desktop of small stuff more seductive
StarDict dictionary contains over 400,000 fully built, but also online query and translation
Internet software
Internet access necessary firefox, another lightweight rekonq as complementary.
download tools aMule, ktorrent, multiget, download eMule / bt or in the normal way, and even a link to Thunder Express, are you ready
communication tools konversation, pidgin, both on the professional irc, or msn / gtalk / qq / flying letters, are also ready for you if you want to watch network TV
, use qsopcast, will be able to watch live and on-demand sopcast ppstream
krfb and krdc program provides remote vnc Desktop programs can also connect the rdp remote desktop windows
kbluetooth Bluetooth devices and facilitate the interoperability
your computer developed by the magic linux network configuration tools to solve network problems, mxd used with adsl, netmanager to configure NIC and the network parameters (wireless network), the interface is simple, reduce the difficulties.
imaging software
with ksnapshot screenshots screenshots to meet all your needs
gwenview image viewer to view all photos, static or dynamic, bitmap or vector, if necessary with a full screen view
P diagram, then use the gimp it, enough to complete the various features of your editing needs
systems management software
smart smart package manager to resolve package dependencies perfect, easy to upgrade and install more software, while providing apt and yum-related software.
kuser user management program allows users to simply click on the mouse can add, modify or delete users, change passwords, etc. can also
KDE Partition Editor so that partition is no longer difficult, similar to the magic linux gparted
development of the system services management configuration and status display tools for easy service status or whether the changes that started
Qt4 development tools
complete development kit, KDevelop IDE, Umbrello modeling tools, Kompare patch view and lokalize computer-assisted translation systems
development languages including C, C + +, perl, python, ruby, lua, shell
various common development libraries, such as kernel development, XML, Qt, GTK +, KDE can be met, otherwise a lot of python and perl modules There PyQt development environment

2, install
video tutorials:
video tutorial video tutorial on

3, has been updated since rc2 (from 2.1 since updates do not write, because a little is not updated)
KDE updated to 4.4.3 (not included akonadi / nepomuk)
into the theme and a new magic system sounds speed up the desktop wallpaper
definition file to read Fixed KDE kauth speed
box will not pop up frame privilege escalation issue
amendment broadband network on the desktop configuration wizard does not start in the KDE4 version of the problem

add wine menu icon in the real correction cce the problem can not input Chinese console
amendments to root privileges to start fcitx the problem and set as the default input method
amendment font configuration, the global open the font anti-aliasing, enable embedded bitmap fonts
deleted WenQuanYi Fixed Bitmap Song
some warnings when booting the system
amendments konversation 7000 port is not open ssl problem
daisy modified smooth-tasks and the desktop component is not working Xorg problem
global shortcut key amendments the serious problem of failure of the amendment of certain partitions to
Chinese garbled correction system of notification and preview
volume when the change is not expected lancelot
amendment question that pops up the main menu can not configure the mouse to start
correction Add kio_iso error
iso image files to facilitate the operation of the browser

add rekonq user management tools to add kuser
Add umbrello UML modeling tool
Add synaptiks touchpad configuration module and service
Add winetricks easy to install windows to add support for libraries and screen saver program
, KDE control color scheme and add desktop themes
kaffeine xine-lib to fix playback features
update update Qt kdevelop 4.0.0

4, derivative version of
2.5 kde4 addition to the official version of the cd version, there are a number of derivative versions: kde3 the cd version of the same basic content and 2.1, but using gcc 4.4.0 recompiled; compatible with kernel version, remove the core using a compatible kernel, the other with the cd version of kde4; nopae version, remove the core is nopae, the other, and the cd version of kde4 line, some older machines have to install this version; kde4 the dvd version contains all the kde4 basic components; LIVECD version, produced by the kde4 version of the cd, you can manually install the U disk, hard disk drives.

5, thanks for the Magic 2.5
thank nihui done a lot of development work, including almost all the KDE4-related work and systematic part of the main work; thank haulm as Magic 2.5 did a lot of testing and development provided mxd2 dialer and service manager; thank zy_sunshine drive under windows provided by the installer and the Network Setup Wizard; thank stonghill the support wired and wireless network configurations network configuration procedures; thank dgy18787 KDE4 system provides sound; thanks KDE testing done for the system and hard disk installation program; thank the bug reporting system to report bug in souser/ylddzyx1/Sunjian_sh/djpj2046/zy_sunshine/cks; thank all for the Magic Linux development effort of the people, to thank all concerned about the Magic Linux development of people.

6, feedback
If you have suggestions, requests or bugs report, released to the [link widoczny dla zalogowanych] / bugs
can also be fed back to the feedback posted in forum: [link widoczny dla zalogowanych] / bbs / thread-192021-1-1.html

7, known issues

2.6 release version of the program intended to provide x86_64/i686/loongson Three versions will still use KDE3 KDE4 and provide support (will use trinity), will try to improve the livecd,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], to provide the installation from the livecd, improve MagicInstaller, etc., detailed plans for another quote listed.

9, download address:
14f6c4e92274678058d188122d5b7e81 MagicLinux-2.5-1.iso
0706b477a2937502b1dc7b8063aa8bcb MagicLinux-2.5.dvd-1.iso
ab91246c64b86054296ecdab6faba3e0 ; MagicLinux-2.5.k3-1.iso
492313d747e39211ff6b43899fbcd51c MagicLinux-2.5.nopae-1.iso
bc039af87ed314c3a0f7dc5f25da0dbc MagicLinux-2.5.uni-1.iso

official version:
ed2k: / / | file | MagicLinux-2.5-1.iso | 723478528 | DDB6D2473825061E50B6BA7CF138539B | h = YFEVGJ3IIQSY4DSKIAS4KGKKY5YULWRW | /
[link widoczny dla zalogowanych] . iso
[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

compatible with kernel version:
ed2k: / / | file | MagicLinux- 2.5.uni-1.iso | 729733120 | 0FE7D27153FD5AAA51464B43C227E557 | h = 2CTAVJZ6GW63H65J6R5RSPYNZQ5FIMHB | /
[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]
[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

NOPAE version:
ed2k: / / | file | MagicLinux-2.5.nopae-1.iso | 723019776 | 2CD40F1FCD6A0C6973B9C3DF5BF5B1A9 | h = 3HS6JYFYPEMSTJSDB2ZTCJVBHP4GX72I | /
[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

LIVECD version:
ed2k: / / | file | | 742467584 | A7A33BCAF35719B8DB6298D4383646E3 | h = JTGZ56D57W6XVOLMKBGYRMV3GOVX22TD | /
[link widoczny dla zalogowanych] iso
[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

KDE3 CD version:
ed2k: / / | file | MagicLinux -2.5.k3-1.iso | 731447296 | 7247136C531FDEB1E7428E8A7FC83BB3 | h = WGBSWO7D6YZUMUFXJVGL4G6LXMLDWOSB | /
[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]
[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

KDE4 DVD version:
ed2k: / / | file | MagicLinux-2.5.dvd-1.iso | 1259608064 | B90244EF8E5FAA97FBC0F916A7925282 | h = JDOMGPBKKMQ7DKVDTQRQB4YBZAGIHSK3 | /
[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]
Magic Linux 2.5 using the principal components of the kernel, xorg 1.6.5, gcc 4.4.0, kde 4.4.3 (kde3 3.5.10), not all new version. Its main features are: preparation for windows users magic_win installer, just a few mouse clicks you can easily install from the hard disk magic linux, no need to manually configure the boot entry.

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