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Women's tough life of terminally ill prison lette

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Dołączył: 22 Paź 2010
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PostWysłany: Pon 4:28, 25 Paź 2010    Temat postu: Women's tough life of terminally ill prison lette

ZHANG be \
ZHANG Department of hard muscle twitch of the following.
side of the nurse added that she meant was, yes.
on Saturday, Zhang Hong long hair was cut in front of a computer in front of the body, as was the ice frozen, unable to move, the side of the nanny to feed her medicine to take.
saw the mouth wide, Zhang Hong, nanny, such as the pill to vote as quickly dart into the depths of her throat. Then, Zhang failure of throat muscles have not yet been swallowed.
Zhang Hong is a gradual freeze people, 47 years old.
she can breath the summit prior to the onset Mountain

9 years ago, Zhang Hong, the West Lake in Hangzhou Liulangwenying photographs. Makeup, she straightened the fullness of the chest, stop trying to put two hands in different positions, until the photographer called out not to move, before a rest down.
Now, this picture is her computer desktop.
2010 年 10 月 18 afternoon, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, 3rd Floor, Tian Run Park District, like the carry rice as nanny Sanmei will ZHANG picking up from the computer desk and put them on the sofa.
ZHANG motionless on the couch, with a breathing machine to force oxygen, and she almost lost all ability to act, can not stand, can not speak, only issued in the throat gurgling, gurgling sound.
fall of Xi'an, the sun well, chasing a bunch of blue light to play in hearing from the oxygen mask on, miserable and blue colors. This is the day, Zhang rare rest time.
5 years ago, Zhang Hong fond of traveling. Pictures of a beach in Zhuhai, she wearing a swimsuit comfortable to lie on the beach in the sun, according to young people.
Mountain, Huangshan, Lushan, almost all of China's famous, she can breath summit. After the summit, she likes to sit in the odd steep rock pictures, behind the pine independence. \
As the photo shows, not sick in front of Zhang Hong has been very confident.
2001, the resignation of want to go to Beijing ZHANG business, the reasons to go with the then most young people stay in the same state-owned enterprises, went out for another try. In addition, she was born in Beijing and return to place of birth was her dream.
two years, she is really very little to go home, the last post was assistant general manager of Beijing high-tech companies in Beijing, bought a house, buy a car.
Later, Zheng Baozhen think daughter likes to go with her, and her husband went to Beijing to take care of Zhang Hong Zhang Huan recorded.
two steps into an insurmountable obstacle

\Shui. \
hearing from blog to record the body weak from the powerful process.
\in reading. to June, began wrestling for no reason. walk, my right foot is not the same as, do not follow me. and then up and down stairs difficult, especially down the stairs, I have lost count fell How many wrestle. I have two family units outside stairs without railings, has become an insurmountable obstacle, and sometimes I have to stand very long time to wait for passers-by to pull me through, or almost every day, hurt too much down. \
doctors can only open a comfort drug

later, Zhang Hong, and, like all medical treatment, physically and mentally fatigued.
\resonance, after two expert consultation, back and forth more than twenty experts and professors, said a lot of strange disease name. \. EMG is completed, the doctor gives a definitive answer to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)

Subsequently, Zhang went to the hospital corridors to colleagues call. Huan father asked the doctor carefully recorded: \called comfort drugs? \The doctor said: \Zheng Baozhen cry.
if I'll be gone, how do you do?
hearing from opening a blog, said: \home.
no reference to conditions at home. Night, Zhang entered the room of parents said their parents: \. \in pain. \
father bent down and patted the head of Zhang Hong, and slowly go out, the house is only the voice of the mother Zheng Baozhen convulsions.
snapped night screaming convulsions

\to do the treatment. \
after diagnosis, Zhang has also been working in the unit until April 2006, inexplicably fell to tumble, half did not get up, she realized: to insist on working to become a cumbersome .
2007 Chinese New Year, Zhang returned to Xi'an, and the parents live together. Installation of grab bars around the house, Zhang hopes in the arm exercise, slow down the loss of physical strength.
year, Zheng Baozhen could not sleep at night.
\She said doctors have done, never seen such a cruel disease.
every night, Zhang snapped came screaming in the bedroom.
\Zhang Hong wet. Zheng Baozhen tired to go out the door, just go out neighbors, Zheng Baozhen asked a neighbor: \Zheng Baozhen said, are good neighbors.
ZHANG recorded in his diary: the beginning of 2007, weakness, stiff legs, cramps, pulled able to walk, talk intermittent weakness; the beginning of 2008, life can not take care of themselves, can be continued for 3-5 words to stand for 30 minutes holding handrails, tongue weakness.
Zheng Baozhen discovered that the daughter, \
mouse with fingers had no strength to hit the

irreversible had happened, even though there had been fantasy.
2008 at the end, Zhang has been completely unable to speak, standing, chewing, swallowing, problems began to appear.
that time, Zheng Baozhen did not adapt to changes in her daughter. \hum sound, but Zheng Baozhen do not understand.
daughter to use the whiteboard to write Cursive, Cursive have even later write to, how do? \
on Saturday morning at 12 o'clock, Zhang got up, helping her nanny Sanmei dressing, aware of differences, she immediately ZHANG back to the toilet, slipped out of pants, while??.
, the third sister will hold to the computer desk Zhang Hong, the first with a rope across from hearing from armpit, her body tightly fixed to the seat back. \Left hand to push the right hand, she moves the mouse.
\Open the window.
cook to cook a morning

80-year-old Zheng Baozhen said that before he will not cook, and now her daughter is sick, no option but to do it yourself.
old daughter learned to cook for. Get up early every day, and Norway was split step, in the kitchen busy.
\the old man made a morning.
noon, Zhang eat. Mother one morning, made three dishes: potato stew carrots, cucumber stew, bean soup poured.
Sanmei feed ZHANG mouthful to eat. Mashed potatoes along the outflow of saliva from the mouth, Sanmei quickly wipe.
16:00, Zheng Baozhen crutches, as usual, says the jolly. Her legs and feet have been very agile, and the next ridge, the 84-year-old husband, Huan-recorded hand draped over her quickly: \ZHANG how to eat? The old man broke down the crab legs, a little removed from the meat. A morning can set a small bowl.
to prison, the children write

sick after ZHANG opened a blog, called \
her death actually is written diary, recording daily life bit by bit. Zhang Hong said that she wanted to write, especially to write, want outsiders to know the pain of this disease.
only on the network, her inner world can be known. 800 words a day, ZHANG over time to write about 9 million words.
addition to a diary, she will open the regular morning chat tools, such as her adopted son, one just out from prison, the young man. She wants to help these children back into daily life mistakes confidence.
leisure time, Zhang to these children in prison wrote to encourage them.
prison children continue to reply. One child said in the letter: \Sanmei jokingly said to me: \
often ask myself what love is

day Damengchuxing, Zhang Qiaoxia this paragraph:

\A Chaperone (third sister) and I had each other, she's warm southern Shaanxi plain, accompanied me black and blue, good care of my life. \\\.
This is Zhang disease after the first 6 years, 19 October 2010, Tuesday afternoon.
correspondent Wang Jia on behalf of the take-off again and Photography from the bottom of Xi'an

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